Please Read All information regarding quotes

We receive on average 10 quote requests per day and are booking events well into 2025. Please be patient with us. You will receive an acknowledgement email within the week and are "penciled" in for your date. These are done in order received. If you are unable to finalize a menu and we try a minimum of three times of reaching you to discuss it through communication outlets provided,and you do not respond you are then erased *gasp. Please make sure to answer emails, text, and voicemails. Please check your spam. When menu is finalized you are then written in pen.

Next will be a phone call or email if we have questions about request. All menus are custom and an estimation based on current food costs, labor involved, location, and degree of service. We do not offer set menu prices for events such as 2 apps, 2 meats, a starch, vegetable, etc. Again, menus are custom. Prices are estimated. We've seen the price of beef escalate sharply over just the past few months. Please keep this in mind when planning your event years in advance.

We know that talking about a budget is uncomfortable for some. We have been in the business 20+ years and we are delighted to be able to talk you through price points. Beef tenderloin, beef short ribs, lamb, and lobster are going to be more expensive. Chicken and pork options are less expensive. Seafood and bbq will be midrange.

I will always suggest that you start with your favorite foods if you are struggling with a menu. We love cooking new things including your family recipes. Look through our website, facebook, and instagram for inspiration and recent catering choices.

Please make sure to fill out every required field, hit submit, and you will receive a sweet thank you. If you do not see a thank you, we did not receive your request. It has been brought to our attention that for some the box below is not available. This is the devil at work. Please try a desk top or email nancy@jbcrumbs.Com and I will get all your info passed onto johnny.

We do our absolute best to respond in timely manner. Don't lose heart. We will contact you at least three times before we take you off the books if you have not responded to voicemail, emails, or text. 

If you have found another caterer let us know by emailing so we can give your date to someone else. 
If you havent heard from us, you can send us a remind email/text depending on urgency. We love those!