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Our supper clubs are on Friday and Saturday nights when there is an opening in our catering schedule.  Our menu includes an appetizer, salad, entree with side and dessert.  What is on our menu varies according to season and inspiration.  We are 'reservation only' on these nights so that we are able to plan accordingly.  Our past menus have consisted of appetizers such as whole fried okra and pimento cheese.  Our main entrees are 14 oz hand cut ribeye steaks, grilled or fried grouper, shrimp, our addictive fried chicken, pork chops, and quail.  Desserts have been apple crisp and peach cobbler. 

We will notify you through facebook, twitter, instagram, and through this page.  Place your reservation with us by calling 229.224.2468 or emailing us at jbcrumbs@rose.net.

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