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107 Vashti Ave
Thomasville, GA, 31792


Here are some basic questions and considerations that we will ask when you are requesting a quote.  Please include as much information as you know in your request.

  • Name

  • Contact Information

  • Date and Time

  • Location

  • Number of Guests

  • Estimated food budget that you would like

  • Are you considering pick up at jbcrumbs, drop off, buffet, or plated and served?

  • Would you like set up, clean up, servers, or bartending?

  • Would you like dinnerware and flatware? Cloth napkins? Disposable plates and utensils? Paper napkins?

  • What courses would you like? Appetizers? Entrees? Side dishes? Desserts?

  • What beverages?

  • What is the theme of your event?


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We do our absolute best to respond in timely manner. Don’t lose heart. You can send us a remind email depending on urgency. We love those!

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