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Gourmet deviled eggs


We offer full service catering with a bountiful menu of appetizers, salads, entrees, side dishes, and desserts.  We are not limited to this suggested list.  These are some of our favorites and most requested food items.  We also welcome custom menu items, including family recipes and personal favorites.  We work to deliver a flavorful menu appropriate for any occasion.




Homestyle Meals

Fried chicken

Fried porkchops

Beef tips and onions

Grilled porkchops

Hamburger steak

Cubed steak

Stewmeat with carrots and potatoes


Chicken pot pie

Chicken and wild rice casserole

Chicken and dumplings

Grilled chicken

Barbeque Chicken


Main Course

Roast pork loin

Roast beef

Prime rib

Beef Wellington

Baked ham

Roast turkey

Roast chicken

Fried shrimp

Fried oysters

Fried grouper bites

Grilled shrimp

Shrimp in butter sauce

Roasted lamb

Stuffed porkchops

Chicken cordon bleu

Grit bar with assorted toppings

Side Dishes

Roasted potatoes     Wild rice     Herb mashed potatoes     Twice baked potatoes     New potatoes

Sweet potato souffle'     Roasted carrots     Cornbread dressing     Cheese grits     Fried okra     Butter beans

Cream corn     Corn on cob     Rutabegas     Hashbrown casserole     Mac and cheese     Steamed cabbage  

   Stewed squash     Squash casserole     Mustard greens     Collard greens     Turnip greens    

White acre peas     Zipper peas     Haricot Vert     Green bean casserole     Broccoli casserole


Brownies     Lemon squares    Mini pecan pies     Key lime pie     Peach cobbler     Apple cobbler

Apple crisp     Blackberry cobbler     Bannana pudding     Chocolate Almond Torte     Carrot cake

Italian cream cake     Red velvet cake     Hummingbird cake     Chocolate cake     Pound cake

Lemon pie     Chocolate pie      Blueberry dump cake     Cheese cake

Ice cream


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